Stray Cat Falls in Love with Lynx After Breaking into the Zoo

Stray Cat Love Lynx

Unusual love story: Stray cat falls in love with lynx! What the clever cat did was break into the St. Petersburg Zoo and get right into the lynx’s cage. They are both cats, but very different.

stray cat love lynx

KFOR News reports that the stray cat was looking for food when she got near the cage of the lynx. Of course you would assume that the wild cat would attack the intruder, but this didn’t happen. On the contrary, the lynx was the perfect host.

stray cat love lynx

These lovely creatures started grooming each other and looked like a real couple. The St Petersburg Zoo made their relationship public and very popular through social media.

stray cat love lynx

The assumption that the stray cat fell in love with the lynx was true after this interesting turn of events. When the zookeepers noticed that the cat is in the cage of the lynx they had to take her out for her own safety. They weren’t sure how would the lynx behave and maybe attack the stray cat.

However, the next day the stray cat came back to her lover.

Check out this video and see for yourself how big this love is:

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