Abandoned cat refuses to eat after she has been left by her dad owner

A poor abandoned cat refuses to eat because he is grieving. Her owner had surrendered him to a shelter because he got a new couch. Tiger Tim has been brought to the shelter New York City Animal Care and Control by the owner with the explanation that he bought a new furniture and the apartment was no longer a place for the sweet cat.

abandoned cat

There was no clear explanation why Tim could no longer live with his family, even though he spent his whole life there. They adopted him when he was only 3 months old.

abandoned cat

At first, the staff at the shelter was happy because they immediately found a new home for Tiger Tim, however, it turned out that he wasn’t happy there. Even though the new family treated him very well, he was sad and depressed and refused to eat.

abandoned cat

Apparently, he couldn’t understand why his owner left him to another family that is unknown to him. He was getting worse by the day because of not eating or drinking and lost 3 pounds. The new foster family was force feeding him to keep him alive. Strangely, he wasn’t at all aggressive or hostile, just sad and depressed.

abandoned cat

abandoned cat

The shelter even decided to euthanize the abandoned cat, but a rescue group called Magnificat prevented that from happening and took Tim to help him.

It is good to know that there are still people who are there for these kind creatures and take care of them even if they are abandoned for any reason.

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